REPORT: Democrats May Soon Start Pushing Mitt Romney’s Socialist Policies Regarding Children

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Although Mitt Romney is losing ground in the Republican Party for his betrayal of its supporters, it’s now being reported that Democrats may soon start propping him up to push through their agenda.

In fact, Romney may be Democrats’ final and only weapon to push through their dangerous socialist policies.

According to a new report just released from the very reputable The Week by political journalist Noah Millman, Democrats have blown through and WASTED their chances to push for socialist policies and universal basic income. As a result, it looks like Democrats may soon shift gears and start using Mitt Romney in a ploy to get their foot in the door by pushing his child socialist system. If successful, his plan will call for families in America to get a socialist check in the mail for every child they have.

Mitt Romney’s Socialist Child Plan Turns Into Democrat Favorite

It all started back in February when Mitt Romney put forward a very dangerous socialist plan that would send checks to parents for every child they have with “no questions asked.” The dangerous proposal would likely lead to a collapse of American culture as “baby mills” would start sprouting up across the country.

And although Democrats ignored his plan at first, they have a serious problem: All their other socialist plans are falling apart.

Joe Manchin is reportedly putting up a fight in the Senate over Biden’s “build back better” agenda. He has successfully stonewalled Democrats to a point where it might be easier for Democrats to cozy up to Mitt Romney instead to convince him to give them the votes they need by pushing for his child plan.

According to Millman’s analysis:

“If progressives take seriously their own enthusiasm for a new way of thinking about child welfare, and are cognizant of the change in the macroeconomic climate, shouldn’t they give Romney a call?”

Millman says it will make strategic sense for Democrats to start backing Romney as their desperate attempts get underway:

“Even if Romney — or Lisa Murkowski, another Republican who is largely exempt from party discipline — couldn’t ultimately be brought on board, having additional partners for negotiation might have helped by enabling Manchin and Sinema to calibrate their stances against their moderate Republican colleagues and thereby get to yes.”

What This All Means

This fight isn’t over. Mitt Romney is becoming more and more of a go-to Republican for Democrats to pander to, and it means that he likely won’t be going away anytime soon.

And it’s time to recognize that!

We must not allow Mitt Romney’s socialist agendas to put this country in danger just because the Democrats elite want to use him as a pawn in their political games. End of story!

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