Rand Paul’s Attacker Will Serve 8 Months In Prison For Assaulting Paul In 2017


It’s finally happening.

According to a report by NBC News, the neighbor who attacked Senator Rand Paul and almost killed him in a violent assault in 2017 is finally going to jail. The news comes YEARS after the initial crime was committed.

Paul’s Attacker Goes To Jail

The report confirms that Senator Rand Paul’s naighbor, the one who physically assaulted him and broke his ribs in 2017, is just now being sentenced to eight months in prison.

Rene Boucher must also serve six months in home confinement, U.S. District Court Judge Matthew Leitman said Monday. Boucher will receive credit for the 30 days in prison he has already served.

Initially, Boucher was only going to serve 30 days in jail. In fact, that’s all he served back in 2017 after he almost killed Paul in a vicious attack.

But thankfully, investigators were able to launch a new case recently forcing Boucher to serve a much tougher sentence for his crime.

In a separate civil case, Boucher was also ordered to pay Paul more than $580,000 in damages.

Paul Almost Died

During the virtual hearing, Paul, who suffered broken ribs in the November 2017 attack, said he flew 10 feet in the air from the force of the attack and was left with a “significant injury that I have lifelong symptoms from.”

According to him:

“I don’t know what a night without pain is like or what a day without pain is like, so I do suffer from this. This was no routine altercation. This was no sort of face-to-face, man-to-man thing.”

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