Proof Found That FBI Spied On Trump – Fox News Confirms… (REPORT)


A bombshell discovery has just been uncovered proving James Comey’s FBI purposely spied on Donald Trump.

According to Fox News, Sean Hannity has just uncovered “indisputable evidence” that the Deep State FBI “planted” an agent that was meant to secretly “spy” on President Donald Trump. The news seems to back President Donald Trump’s claims that the FBI illegally targeted him when he first took office.

“Indisputable Evidence”

In an opening statement to viewers, Sean Hannity confirmed that a newly declassified document has been obtained by Fox News shows that the FBI actively targeted and spied on Donald Trump. They have proof.

Apparently the FBI secretly had an agent involved in the “Crossfire Hurricane” Russia investigation and “actively listened” for certain topics during a defensive briefing given to the Trump campaign in August 2016. The agent spied on Donald Trump.

Hannity gave the following breaking statement on his show, saying:

“[This is] major breaking news surrounding… the biggest abuse of power and corruption scandal in American history and that is Obama. Biden, James Comey working together to destroy President Trump.”

Hannity called the bombshell report “indisputable evidence” of FBI spying:

“Let’s be clear, we now have indisputable evidence that the FBI literally early-on planted a Crossfire Hurricane agent to spy on Team Trump.”

Trump Was Right

The news comes just weeks after President Donald Trump said that Barack Obama deserves to be jailed for the illegal spying against him.

It was already known that the FBI illegally searched one of Donald Trump’s advisers before the 2016 election. And now we know that they spied on him secretly!

This is absolutely insane. The people responsible for this need to go to jail for their crimes. Period.

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