Prison Officials Give Ghislaine Maxwell Health Update


It’s official. New York City officials have just decided to respond to Ghislaine Maxwell allegations.

According to the New York Post, the federal Bureau of Prisons has just officially DEFENDED Ghislaine Maxwell’s harsh treatment in prison, saying that she is in “good health” despite claims by her lawyers that she’s treated unfairly.

Ghislaine Maxwell Update

In case you don’t know, Ghislaine Maxwell was reportedly a partner in crime with the infamous billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. She’s been accused of taking part in his crimes against little girls. And she’s currently awaiting her court date in prison without bail.

Despite claims by her lawyers that Ghislaine Maxwell has been treated very unfairly and that she reportedly gets woken up every 15 minutes by security guards, the Bureau of Prisons has chosen to issue an official response. An official released a statement, saying that she gets 3 good meals per day:

“Since Ms. Maxwell’s arrival, she has been provided three meals a day in accordance with BOP policy and its National Menu…”

The official says Maxwell is at a healthy weight, despite rumors stating otherwise:

“Her medical records show that she currently weighs 134 pounds, which fluctuates plus or minus 2 pounds.”

And the official also reported that prison staff frequently check on her to make sure she’s not in any “destress,” writing:

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“MDC Brooklyn correctional staff utilize flashlights when viewing inmates’ cells overnight to ensure inmates are still breathing and not in distress.”

Do YOU think Ghislaine Maxwell should be put on suicide watch? Comment below!

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