Poll Shows Vast Majority Of Republicans Want Lawmakers To Stand Up To Biden


Bad news for Mitch McConnell and other establishment Republicans. The Republican Party wants more aggressive action by their party leaders.

According to a bombshell new report released by Newsmax, new research by investigators shows that a WHOPPING 59% of Republicans want lawmakers to stand up to Joe Biden’s corrupt presidency. Republican voters want GOP leaders to stand up.

New Poll Released

The report indicates that Pew Research Center released the results of their study on Friday, showing that Republicans are now more ready than ever to stand up to Joe Biden and his administration.

According to the report:

“Nearly 6 in 10 (59%) of Republicans polled urged their leaders to stand up to Biden, even if it will be more difficult to address critical issues.”

And not only that, but a majority of Republicans alos want President Donald Trump to stay the major political figure in the GOP after he leaves office as well:

“57% of Republicans want Trump to stay a major political figure after he leaves office, but 40% disagreed.”

The message here is clear. Republicans are tired of the Republican establishment. They want Trump. They want leaders. And they don’t want Republican leaders caving to the radical leftists brought in by Joe Biden administration.

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7 Responses

  1. Ruth

    January 16, 2021 5:15 pm

    Thank you President Trump for the best four years I have observed in Washington. Your accomplishments are so numerous and the peace treaties that you helped to create will always remind us of what a great leader you are. Thank you sir.

  2. Randy

    January 16, 2021 9:02 pm

    Republicans !Stand up or we will vote you all out!! Enough is enough the time is well past, stand up now for our president Donald Trump!

  3. RRRoger

    January 18, 2021 10:24 pm

    We did not vote for Trump so that RINOs could go back to “Business as Usual”.
    We will not support the GOPe.


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