Police Raid Wrong Home In Search For Nancy Pelosi’s Missing Laptop


These Nancy Pelosi scandals keep getting wilder and wilder. It’s a freaking circus!

According to a new report just released by Western Journal, federal agents ACCIDENTALLY raided the wrong home as they continue to search for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop that went missing after the January 6th Capitol protests. They still can’t find it.

Nancy Pelosi Laptop Scandal Turns Into Embarrassing Raid

According to reports, federal agents raided the home of an Alaskan couple and handcuffed them as they searched desperately for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s laptop.

But there was just one problem. The federal agents couldn’t find anything. And it looks like they accidentally raided the wrong house!

According to Western Journal, the photos they had as “evidence” linking to the Alaskan couple clearly pointed to someone else:

“However, Marilyn Hueper of Homer, Alaska, said that although she and her husband attended the Washington, D.C., rally prior to the incursion, they never went in the Capitol itself, and that photos of a woman the FBI said was Hueper were clearly depicting someone else.”

Once again, the FBI is attacking innocent men and women to prop up the nasty Nancy Pelosi. This is disgraceful and it shows just how corrupt our government has gotten.

This is absolutely sickening.

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