Police Officer Commits Suicide Just Hours After Parter Shot Dead – Police Rally Launched


The liberal media will talk endlessly about the Black Lives Matter riots across the country. But they never talk about the movement in support of police that has launched across the nation as well.

According to the Daily Mail, people in the city of Cleveland, Ohio are rallying in support of police after it a police officer committed SUICIDE just hours after his police partner was gunned down in the line of duty. And yet, the media is ignoring it.

Officers Down

Despite the vicious attacks that have been launched against police officers recently, their jobs are more dangerous than ever before.

According to the report, Cleveland police are absolutely devastated after two officers died just hours apart. During a dangerous drug bust operation, Detective James Skernivitz was shot dead.

Hours later, Skernivitz’s partner, Officer Nick Sabo, took his own life.

This horrific series of events comes just days after a school district in the nearby city of Chardon BANNED “Blue Lives Matter” flags from being waved publicly.

Police Rally Launched

To commemorate their deaths, and to stand for the brave police officers who serve in the line of duty every day, supporters of police have taken to the streets in support of police.

Local news outlets confirm that people gathered in support of the officers and police. And yet, you will NEVER hear about this from national news outlets.

This is the problem with mainstream media. They will spend months talking about the death of one man. But they’ll never talk about the death of public servants because they think it’s not newsworthy enough.

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