Police Make Arrests In Seattle After Rioters Start Using Explosives (REPORT)


Riots across the country are completely out of control. Now explosives are reportedly being used against police officers.

According to a new report released by the Daily Wire, police officials have just confirmed that police officers were targeted in a recent attack involving explosives in Seattle. Starbucks was also targeted.

Riots Turn Explosive

Law enforcement officials released a statement confirming that 16 people were ARRESTED after “various acts of property destruction” that happened in the middle of a violent riot. People were assaulted. Buildings were vandalized.

According to police, the protestors threw explosives into coffee shops:

“A group of protestors left Cal Anderson Park shortly after 9 PM Saturday heading North. A few members of the group were seen committing acts of vandalism and property damage along the way. The group slowly made their way to the 1600 block of East Olive Way where they shattered windows and threw explosives into a coffee shop.”

A video of the devastating destruction was released on Twitter. You can watch it below:

According to the editor at The Post Millennial, Antifa supporters formed a shield line to block police:

This Is Insane

It’s time for the violence to come to an end. These radical criminals need to go to jail for their crimes.

This is NOT protesting. This is rioting. And it needs to stop before it encourages more lawlessness around the nation.

Do YOU think that violent rioters should go to jail? Comment below!

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