Phil Robertson Slams Nancy Pelosi In Hilarious Photograph


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently got caught on camera sitting inside at a hair salon in San Francisco in violation of Coronavirus restrictions. Nancy Pelosi has since claimed that she was “set up” by the salon owner.

And now, according to Outsider, Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson has decided to respond to the incident on Instagram. Robertson released an image to the public, which marked himself as being “safe” from hair salon set ups.

Robertson Responds

After the Pelosi scandal went viral in recent days, Robertson decided to take to Instagram to joke about the U.S. House Speaker.

In an apparent mocking of Pelosi, Robertson marked himself as “safe” from “being set up by a beauty salon” on Instagram. You can view the original post below:


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Pelosi’s Troubles

Pelosi recently claimed that she was “setup” by a beauty salon that recorded her on their security camera getting her hair done indoors despite COVID restrictions.

Pelosi responded, claiming that she was targeted, saying:

“As it turns out, it was a setup. So I take responsibility for falling for the setup.”

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