Pelosi Uses “Depression” Scare To Push Welfare Programs For Minorities


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has done everything in her power to keep the economy from reopening. And now, she’s fantasizing about a “depression” happening under Donald Trump’s presidency.

On CNBC’s Jim Cramer show, Pelosi talked about how she wants to use the opportunity to get people on welfare checks:

“We could have a depression because so many people are out of work, and that’s why we have to get the system really energized and working. Let’s get out those unemployment checks. Let’s get out those direct payments. Let’s get these loans freed up.”

The closure of bars and shopping malls, among other businesses, however, has pushed more than 16 million Americans to file for unemployment claims in the past three weeks and lawmakers to pass a series of bills to combat the economic effect of the health crisis. The stock market, which was putting in record highs, has since been toiling in bear market territory.

And the worst part is that Pelosi seems to like it. In fact, she thinks it makes her more popular.

“We should get more credit for working together,” she said referring to the fact that she has worked alongside Republicans during this outbreak.

Pelosi Thinks The Virus Is Racist

The worst part about all of this is that Pelosi is doing everything she can to make this about race. She’s already been apart of pushing through trillions of dollars in “relief” a few days ago, but now she wants even more to supposedly help “minorities” during this outbreak.

According to The Hill, Pelosi stated in a phone call with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Pelosi said that while Democrats support an additional $250 billion for small businesses, as the administration and congressional Republicans have proposed, they’ll also insist on language ensuring that businesses owned by minorities get the most benefits.

It’s crazy. There’s literally an outbreak happening in this nation and all that Pelosi cares about is getting herself more credit while talking about racism. She’s completely out of control.

This is exactly why Nancy Pelosi is a bad leader. She’s so obsessed with her self image that she’s willing to do things that don’t even make any sense.

It would better for America if she just resigned and went away.

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