Pelosi Confirmed To Have Secured Enough Votes To Keep Her Job As House Speaker


Sadly, it looks like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is barely going to squeeze through a victory to keep her position in Congress.

According to a new report released by The Epoch Times, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has just officially confirmed that he has enough votes to keep her role as House Speaker in the U.S. House going forward.

She’s Not Going Anywhere

On Tuesday, Pelosi officially told reporters that she believes she has enough votes to last as Speaker of the Houses. She says she is not worried about losing her speakership position in the midst of claims by other Democrats that she might go away.

Pelosi was asked on Tuesday about the Jan. 3 election for her speakership. A reporter asked Pelosi the following question:

“You have a big vote Sunday night for speaker. You think have got that wrapped up?”

Pelosi responded that she is confident that she will remain House Speaker, saying:

“Yeah, I do.”

This is awful. Nancy Pelosi has been truly awful in Congress and has consistently remained a force of evil for the Democrat Party. She needs to go.

But there’s still always hope that she might go away. The Democratic majority is slimmer than it was two years ago, and some Democrats in the House have said they might not back her.

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