Only Clip Of The GOP Debate You Need To See

The recent Fox News Republican debate was more like a reality show popularity contest than a serious political event. While there was one intriguing moment when candidates had to throw each other under the bus, the rest of the debate resembled an unruly kindergarten class, with incessant squabbling and backbiting.

Host Dana Perino hit the nail on the head by pointing out that if all these candidates stay in the race, it’s a sure win for former President Donald Trump in the nomination race. She framed the debate like a reality show, asking, “Which one of you, on stage tonight, should be voted off the island?”

Candidates were given 15 seconds to write their choices down, but Ron DeSantis called out the disrespect inherent in this approach, saying, “We’re here to debate, but I think that’s disrespectful to my fellow competitors.”

Chris Christie, however, went ahead and voted Trump off the island, arguing that Trump has not only divided the Republican Party but has torn apart families and friends across the nation. Christie passionately stated that Trump needed to be voted out of the process.

In response, Trump didn’t hold back, throwing every debate participant under the bus. He asserted that he wouldn’t pick any of them as his Vice President and criticized their eagerness for various government positions.

In the end, the debate appeared more like a circus than a serious discussion of the issues facing the nation.