One Person KILLED Amid Several Shootings During Riots In Minneapolis


These riots in Indianapolis are completely out of control. People are literally being killed in the street right now.

According to a heartbreaking report by The Hill, Indianapolis police said one person was KILLED in the city’s downtown area during a second night of protests over the police-involved death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The death occurred after multiple shootings happened across the city. 

In a desperate plea for sanity during these hard times, Police Chief Randal Taylor said late Saturday:

“Enough is enough. Indianapolis, we are better than this. Downtown is not safe at this time. Residents who do not live in the downtown area, we’re asking to please vacate the area.”

The department has confirmed that the death was not caused by police in any way.

“Protest” Becomes Violent Riot

During his statement to the press Police Chief Randal Taylor explained that protests have gone from peaceful to violent very quickly, and that the escalation was caused by a small group of hostile people:

“Earlier this evening, our officers worked to protect our residents’ right to peaceful protests. Most of those protestors cooperated and did a fine job. For that, we’re thankful.”

He continued:

“However, there was a small group of people that escalated to violent acts, including throwing projectiles at officers and breaking windows of government buildings. Since then, we have seen continued and escalating incidents of violence. This includes shots fired and loss of life.”

It’s Time For Government Action

These protests are not peaceful anymore and they have absolutely nothing to do with the murder of George Floyd. After all, how does robbing your local Target have anything to do with protesting murder? People are just using this murder as an excuse to commit crimes in broad daylight.

It’s evil. It’s wrong. And it needs to stop.

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