New Poll Suggests That Joe Biden Got No “Boost” From DNC


The Democrat National Convention was a complete and total disaster. And now new data has just come out showing that it may spell doom for Joe Biden as well.

According to a new report released by Breitbart, a recent poll conducted by Morning Consult has found that Joe Biden’s polling numbers haven’t really seen a boost since the Democrat National Convention. In fact, it looks like Biden’s favorability ratings only ticked up one point.

No Massive DNC Boost

Despite what liberals might say, Joe Biden’s approval ratings have not seen a big boost from the Democrat National Convention. In fact, only 52% of people polled said that they approved of Joe Biden. The number is only up 1% from the last poll that showed Biden had a 51% approval rating.

To put this in perspective, Hillary Clinton received a quite large boost from the DNC of 3%. This means that Biden’s gains were slightly lower than Hillary’s.

According to Politico, Bill Clinton got an astounding 16 point boost when he took part in the DNC way back in 1992, according to Politico.

Trump Surges

Meanwhile, both Donald Trump’s approval rating and his polling numbers have bounced up during the Democrat National Convention.

According to our last report, Donald Trump’s approval rating has gone up 2% and his polling numbers have reportedly increased by 3%. And Donald Trump hasn’t even had his Republican National Convention yet!

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