New Poll Shows Donald Trump Less Divisive Than Joe Biden


The liberal media is trying to hide this important story…

According to an EXPLOSIVE report just released by the Irish Post, a bombshell new poll confirms that a majority of Americans think that Joe Biden is more divisive for this country than Donald Trump was! 

New Poll Finds Biden More Divisive Than Donald Trump

Last year, Joe Biden FALSELY claimed that he would seek “Not to divide, but to unify.” But new research now reveals that he has failed already!

In fact, a recent poll has suggested that Joe Biden is more divisive a president than Donald Trump was. This completely goes against what the liberal media tries to tell us.

A new poll has just been released showing that Joe Biden’s support is FAR more divided than Trump’s was.

Joe Biden’s approval rating only seems to come from Democrats. In fact, 94% of Democrats approve of Joe Biden’s performance, but only a measly 11% of Republicans did.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s polling numbers were FAR LESS divided. By contrast, President Donald J. Trump received 87% approval ratings from Republicans and 12% from Democrats at the same stage.

Even Republican TRAITOR Mitt Romney admitted that Joe Biden has broken his promises:

“[Joe Biden] says he wants unity, but it’s impossible to unify America if you’re only appealing to the liberal wing of your own party.”

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