George Soros And Bill Gates Are Joining Sides To Delegitimize The Supreme Court

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Liberal billionaires George Soros and Bill Gates were bound to join together. And now it appears that they have.

The dangerous billionaire villain duo, George Soros and Bill Gates, are apparently joining sides to push for abortions across the nation in response to the recent Supreme Court ruling. As the heated debate over Roe V. Wade sweeps across the nation, Gates and Soros are teaming up in yet another sign that the radical left is preparing to push their dangerous ideologies on Americans despite the legal ruling of the highest court in the land.

Soros And Gates Join Sides On Abortion Fight

After the news was released that the Supreme Court would be overturning Roe. V. Wade, Soros and Gates joined together in a social media “blast” of posts calling for their radical left-wing ideology to be reinstated.

They’re sounding very desperate indeed!

After the Supreme Court ruling, Gates wrote on Twitter:

George Soros chimed in as well, writing:

Pay very close attention to Soros when he says he’s “fighting back” about something. He has the power to do it.

The Scandals Of Soros And Gates

It’s no secret that George Soros and Bill Gates are some of the most controversial billionaires in America. They have a dark side.

For instance, Bill Gates liked to hang out with pedophiles. Even the New York Times reports that there are “witnesses” who saw Bill Gates on billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s island where countless little girls were abused.The revelation was so bad that his ex-wife has even admitted the discovery was one of the causes behind her divorce from him.

Soros, on the other hand, has a very different bad habit: He likes to topple entire countries using his vast network of financial power. At one point he even “broke the Bank of England” by leveraging his wealth against his own country.

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