Nancy Pelosi’s Stock Purchases Slammed As “Corrupt” And “Unacceptable”


Once again, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has just been involved in another stock market scandal. It never ends!

According to a new report by the Washington Times, Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has just been caught by a watchdog group that discovered Pelosi had been making secret stock market trades before Biden’s administration started manipulating the market. The scandal has alarm bells sounding in the mind of the American people.

Nancy Pelosi Caught In Ethical Stock Issue

It was revealed that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had been personally trading the stock of electric car company “Tesla,” which is owned by Elon Musk, right before Joe Biden’s administration announced deals that affected Tesla’s stock prices.

The executive director of, which is a conservative watchdog group that exposes corruption in politics, released the following statement CONDEMNING Pelosi’s underhanded actions, saying:

“It’s corrupt and unacceptable for members of Congress, particularly the speaker, to trade stocks in companies affected by their votes in Congress.”

What Nancy Pelosi did is absolutely wrong. The idea that a top member of Congress is making stock deals while her political party is trying to increase the company’s market share is absolutely nuts!

Nancy Pelosi is out of control. And this is just one of the many examples where she should be punished.

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