Pelosi Pushes Through $2.2 Trillion Spending Bill In U.S. House – 214 Votes To 207


Once again, the Democrat controlled United States House is trying to push through a socialist spending bill. And this time, they want to spend over $2 TRILLION.

According to a new report by The Hill, Democrats in the U.S. House just managed to push through a spending bill that will cost American taxpayers $2.2 TRILLION. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats are being attacked for allowing the socialist spending bill through.


This last-ditch Democrat effort to push through a $2.2 trillion spending bill comes as a stunt amid the current COVID-19 pandemic. Republicans have tried to convince House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that such a bill was too financially irresponsible. However, Democrats are trying to push it through anyway.

The bill was approved by a tally of 214 to 207. However, it is almost certain that the bill will not become law.

The vote was made only after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi failed to reach a deal with Trump official Steve Mnuchin on creating a new round of COVID stimulus. Democrats want to give away too much and Republicans fear it may have a negative impact on America’s system.

As The Hill notes:

“The legislation has no chance of becoming law for the time being… Republicans in the Senate and White House both oppose the measure and are backing a proposal that is $600 billion less than the Democratic legislation.”

Instead, Republicans are trying to push a plan that is more financially conservative and won’t overburden the system.

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