Nancy Pelosi Launches Disgusting Attack Against GOP While Praising Liz Cheney


Nancy Pelosi is a nasty woman . And now she just exposed her true colors for all the world to see.

According to a new report just released by The Hill, Nancy Pelosi just launched a DISGUSTING sexist attack against House Republicans claiming that they only want a “non-threatening female” to lead the GOP. 

Pelosi Launches Vile Sexist Attack Against GOP

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi launched a vicious attack against House Republicans, claiming that they only want a “non-threatening female” to take the place of Liz Cheney.

Nancy Pelosi went on a long-winded rant praising Liz Cheney while claiming that Republicans hate strong women. Pelosi even went so far as to claim that Liz Cheney is too strong for the GOP:

“Word is out that House GOP Leaders are looking to push Rep. Liz Cheney from her post as House Republican Conference Chair – their most senior woman in GOP leadership – for a litany of very Republican reasons: she won’t lie, she isn’t humble enough, she’s like a girlfriend rooting for the wrong team, and more.”

The fact that Pelosi is spewing this sexist garbage against the Republican Party shows exactly what’s wrong with politics today.

The fact that she’s also trying to prop up Liz Cheney shows that Liz Cheney is a threat to the Republican Party and must be removed.

Do YOU think Pelosi and Liz Cheney should be removed from power? Comment below!

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