Nancy Pelosi Caught Wiping Runny Nose And Rubbing It Onto Table


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is going viral for all the wrong reasons.

A new video has just been released showing Pelosi wiping her runny nose with her hand and then wiping it onto a podium used by other House members. It appears as if Pelosi didn’t realize that a camera was recording her at the time and people could see everything.

The video itself was first released and revealed by Benny Johnson, who is Chief Creative Officer over at TP USA.

On Twitter, Johnson released the nasty video saying, “Pelosi wipes her dripping nose with her bare, shivering hand and then wipes that hand all over the House floor podium used by all other members of Congress.”

Johnson concluded by saying:

“She wants to spend trillions of your money fighting China virus but can’t practice basic hygiene.”

A Tweet containing the statement and the video is included below:

Pelosi Under Fire

Needless to say, Pelosi’s disgusting actions completely go against CDC guidelines. And yet, Pelosi doesn’t seem to care. She’s too busy pointing fingers at Republican lawmakers for not taking safety issues seriously.

And a lot of people are angry about it.

After all, Pelosi’s actions come just days after a video was released showing that she had stockpiled a huge freezer full of ice cream and other tasty foods in thousands of dollars of groceries so that she could sit inside of her San Francisco mansion comfortably while everyone else suffered. And now she’s spreading her germs all over the place.

Pelosi and other lawmakers have the nerve to lecture Americans about ‘social distancing’ guidelines amid the Coronavirus pandemic and they can’t even follow basic instructions.

But that’s the typical Democrat for you: “Rules for thee, but not for me.”

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