Nancy Pelosi Blames Trump For Deaths Of COVID Victims (REPORT)


This is absolutely disgusting. And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should be ashamed of herself.

According to Fox News, Nancy Pelosi just blamed President Donald Trump for the deaths of people infected with Coronavirus. And not only that, but Pelosi even baselessly claims that Trump is the one stalling with providing COVID relief to Americans.

Pelosi Blames Trump

On Sunday, Pelosi claimed that President Donald Trump is the one responsible for the high deaths due to Coroanvirus in America. Pelosi stated on CNN’s “State of the Union” that Trump’s lack of testing caused people’s deaths:

“More than 4 million have been added to the infection list because we paused. Over 80,000 more people have died, because they paused.”

Pelosi then blamed Trump directly, saying:

“Could we have saved all of those lives? Not all, but many. Trump fiddles while Rome burns, while America burns.”

Trump is now mad because she thinks Trump’s administration didn’t test fast enough. But until recently, she has been claiming that the administration is moving too fast!

Too Fast Or Too Slow?

Pelosi’s recent attack against Trump for slow testing comes after she claimed that Donald Trump’s administration was approving experimental drugs for Coronavirus too quickly. She claimed it was “dangerous” to let drugs be approved so quickly.

According to, Pelosi condemned the president’s interest in a vaccine or treatment as “very dangerous,” saying:

“The President’s dangerous attempt to inject himself into the scientific decisions of @US_FDA jeopardizes the health & well-being of all Americans.”

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