Multiple Stores Embracing “WOKE”, Go Broke!

Several companies that expressed support for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement are now closing their stores in San Francisco, lending credence to the notion that embracing “woke” policies can lead to financial losses. On May 4, Information Liberation writer Chris Menahan reported that multiple companies that backed BLM during Floyd’s Summer in 2020 have either closed or are in the process of shutting down their San Francisco locations. Menahan attributes this to the increase in crime and theft in the city, which he believes is a result of the liberal policies these companies championed under the guise of “fighting racism” and “white supremacy.”

Nordstrom, Whole Foods, and Target are among the companies that are now experiencing the consequences of supporting the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Nordstrom expressed its support for the cause in a press release issued in January 2021, in which it emphasized its commitment to promoting diversity, inclusion, and a sense of belonging, particularly during Black History Month. Nordstrom also provided financial support to several non-profit organizations, including the BLM Global Network Foundation.

In August of last year 2020, The Guardian reported that Whole Foods managers were instructed to engage with customers regarding the company’s financial contributions to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. The guidance was provided to store managers through an internal script, which emphasized Whole Foods and its parent company Amazon’s efforts to promote social justice. Target’s CEO Brian Cornell, on the other hand, characterized the BLM riots that occurred in Minneapolis as a manifestation of years of suppressed anger resulting from George Floyd’s murder. As part of its commitment to support affected communities, Target pledged to send first-aid supplies and rebuild its looted store in the city.

As a result of their support for “wokism”, these companies are now facing the consequences of their actions. Years later, they find themselves with no choice but to either shut down or reinforce security measures at their San Francisco establishments due to the rampant crime that has plagued the area. This increase in crime rates is seen as a direct result of the “leftist utopia” that the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement aimed to create, compounded by the defunding of the San Francisco Police Department.

Nordstrom recently announced that it would shut down its Westfield San Francisco Centre store, which had been operational for 35 years, citing the changing dynamics of the downtown San Francisco market as the reason. In a letter addressed to its employees, Nordstrom’s Chief Stores Officer, Jamie Nordstrom, confirmed that the Westfield location would cease operations at the end of August. Similarly, Whole Foods closed its flagship Trinity Place store in March of this year, barely 13 months after opening, due to safety concerns. Target’s San Francisco outlet, on the other hand, remains open, but the company has taken additional precautions to prevent theft by securing products behind security glass.

Menahan conveyed his compassion for the employees and store managers who lost their jobs as a result of their company’s prioritization of virtue signaling over sound judgment. He believes that the politicians and business leaders who supported this “lunacy” should be held responsible for their actions and provide compensation to those affected.