MSNBC Gets Caught Pushing 911 Crackdown

In a remarkable display of contempt for conservative Americans and an alarming disregard for the First Amendment, Paul Rieckhoff, an MSNBC talking head and founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and Righteous Media, has called for a draconian post-9/11 style government crackdown. The aim? To win the so-called “battle for hearts and minds” of Americans who dare to reject leftist ideologies and embrace patriotism.

Rieckhoff not so subtly equates these traditional, patriotic Americans to terrorists, classifying them as a “threat” on par with the post-9/11 environment. This is a blatant mischaracterization that paints conservatives and Trump supporters as a menace to society.

According to Rieckhoff, Americans are “up for grabs”, implying that their political beliefs and principles are malleable and should be manipulated by powerful “leaders and messages and messengers.” The objective is to channel these individuals into community organizing and non-profit organizations and away from groups like the Patriot Front and Oathkeepers.

Rieckhoff then audaciously argues that a cultural shift akin to the one experienced after the 9/11 attacks is necessary. But unlike the post-9/11 response that saw a crackdown on liberties in the name of security, he believes that the authorities should go even further this time.

Drawing parallels to the aftermath of 9/11, Rieckhoff said, “After 9/11, the laws didn’t work. They made massive changes to respond to a new threat.” He went on to propose that many current structures, laws, and policies “may not work”, implying a need for further restrictive changes.

Sounding the alarm on the right-leaning Americans, Rieckhoff falsely accused individuals such as General Mike Flynn, former Trump National Security Advisor, of “continually calling for violence.”

This rhetoric dangerously oversteps the bounds of reasoned political debate and dives headlong into the territory of authoritarian suppression. By pushing for post-9/11 style crackdowns on conservative Americans, Rieckhoff is essentially advocating for the erosion of civil liberties for those who dare to challenge the leftist narrative.