Momentum Is Growing Behind Trump’s Effort To Reduce America’s Dependence On China


This is great news.

According to The Hill, momentum is growing behind President Donald Trump’s effort to reduce our country’s dependance on China.

This news comes as more and more Americans are beginning to realize how dangerous it is to rely on another country for goods and products – especially when the country being relied upon is China, which is responsible for the Coronavirus outbreak.

Trump Taking Action Against China

Peter Navarro, President Trump’s economic adviser, pledged this week that the United States would move away from its reliance on other nations and toward building up its own capabilities to produce drugs and medical supplies.

Navarro said during a White House press briefing, standing next to Trump:

“One of the things that this crisis has taught us, sir, is that we are dangerously overdependent on a global supply chain.”

He ended by saying:

“Never again should we rely on the rest of the world for our essential medicines and countermeasures.”

Democrats And Republicans Rally Against China

Trump’s decision to be self-reliant is being cheered by Republicans and Democrats alike. Which may come as a surprise to most people.

Donald Trump is reportedly unifying the nation behind a call to stand against China.

Three Senate Democrats even backed legislation put forward by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) last month that advocates for the U.S. to reprioritize its productive capability in order to achieve less supply chain dependence on China, particularly as it relates to products used in the federal health care system.

China Is Unreliable

In a sign of how vulnerable the U.S. is, more than 50 countries, including the U.K. and India, have imposed some sort of export ban on essential medicines amid the pandemic.

And in state-run media outlets, China has even threatened to WITHHOLD medicine from the U.S..

Ms. Gibson, a senior advisor with the Hastings Center bioethics research institute, told The Washington Times on Tuesday:

“We’ve got a perfect storm of a production shutdown in China and a disease outbreak there, where they need medicines for their own people, coupled with rising global demand on that same global supply source. This is a wake-up call.”

China could try to stop the delivery of medicine to our country at any moment. It’s a high risk situation. And it’s time to take action against them before something catastrophic happens.

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