Mitt Romney Will Vote AGAINST Trump Nominee In Senate – Sides With Democrats


Once again, Senator Mitt Romney has proven that he is not fighting for us.

In an explosive report from The Hill, Mitt Romney has just confirmed that he will vote AGAINST Donald Trump’s Federal Reserve nominee Judy Shelton. Romney’s decision basically dooms Shelton’s nomination and hands a major victory to the Democrat Party for no good reason whatsoever. It’s basically sabotage at this point.

Romney Betrays Trump

Romney, at the United States Capitol, told reporters that he would be going against Judy Shelton’s nomination, saying:

“I’m not going to be endorsing Judy’s Shelton’s nomination to the Fed. I will be voting against her.”

Romney is the first Republican senator to announce his opposition to Shelton. However, she is also likely going to be rejected by all 47 Democrat Senators as well.

Romney’s decision affectively ends Shelton’s chances of getting the nomination. The reason for Romney’s decision hasn’t yet been confirmed.

Romney Isn’t A Republican

It’s time to get real. Senator Mitt Romney isn’t the Republican he pretends to be. And at this point, he is a very big threat to the Republican Party.

In the past few months alone, Romney has caved to Democrats on important issues like universal basic income while attacking President Trump constantly.

In fact, Romney is so against Donald Trump that he even voted to CONVICT Trump during the impeachment hearings last year. It was a complete disgrace considering that Trump never committed an actual impeachable crime.

It’s time for Romney go away. He’s not a Republican. And it’s time to get him out of the party.

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