Mitt Romney Launches Attack On Donald Trump’s Supporters


Mitt Romney is a TRAITOR to the American empire and should be removed from the GOP. Look what he did.

According to an explosive new report just released, Mitt Romney released a SICKENING attack on Donald Trump supporters who attended the January 6th rallies, claiming that it was a rebellion against the United States. Romney is trying to paint Trump supporters as traitors for wanting the election to be audited!

Romney Launches Disgusting Attack

In a disgusting statement released to the liberal news publication Huffington Post, Mitt Romney lashed out at Republicans who attended Donald Trump’s #StopTheSteal rally on January 6th. Romney claimed that the rally was an act of rebellion against the United States:

“I was there. What happened was a violent effort to interfere with and prevent the constitutional order of installing a new president.”

As a result, Romney continued to spread the false lie that the act was an “insurrection,” saying:

“As such, it was an insurrection against the Constitution…”

But here’s what Mitt Romney left out.

The Truth About The Capitol Protests

Despite the fact that Mitt Romney is trying to paint the January 6th protest as an insurrection, the facts say otherwise.

According to new details released by The Hill, it now appears as if D.C. officials purposely REFUSED to allow experts have a say over security at the Capitol during the protests. It looks like a giant set up.

And not only that, but The Hill even reports that investigators have found that the main “Architect of the Capitol was sidelined from security planning ahead of Jan. 6” in what appears to have been a set-up.

It’s Time For Mitt Romney To Go

The fact that Mitt Romney is trying to paint a simple security breach at the Capitol as a giant “insurrection” is proof that he has absolutely no clue what he’s talking about.

Mitt Romney and other D.C. elites like him are spreading verifiably false misinformation in an attempt to make Donald Trump and his supporters look bad. AND WE WON’T STAND FOR IT.

It’s time to get Mitt Romney out of the GOP once and for all. His lies, his failures, and his betrayals should no longer be allowed in the Republican Party. PERIOD.

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