Mitt Romney Joins Democrats In Socialist Push For Bill Because They Were “Going To Push For That Anyway”


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Mitt Romney went TOO FAR.

A local news affiliate in Mitt Romney’s own state confirms that local lawmakers are FURIOUS at Mitt Romney after he caved to the liberal mob by supporting Democrats’ socialist infrastructure bill – at least, he supported part of it.

Mitt Romney caved by supporting HALF of Democrats’ infrastructure bill, which still costs a whopping $550 billion, and now Mitt Romney claims he saved money because he didn’t support the multi-trillion dollar package!

Local Lawmaker Takes A Stand Against Mitt Romney

Rep. Blake Moore SLAMMED Mitt Romney for siding with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party.

Moore says Mitt Romney is playing a dangerous game by caving to massive debts and hurting our country’s bottom line:

“The [bipartisan] infrastructure bill [that Mitt Romney supported] as it is now is still a very high price tag.”

Basically, Mitt Romney agreed to support a $700 billion deal by Democrats instead of a 3 trillion dollar deal and thinks he’s some kind of hero!

Moore continued, according to the local news outlet, stating that he’s not even sure if Mitt Romney negotiated anything positive for the Republican Party at all:

“The freshman lawmaker said it is ‘hard to separate the two’ because [Nancy] Pelosi links them. Besides, he’s not even sold on the deal Romney negotiated, which commits $700 billion that Congress already anticipated spending, and then provides $550 billion in new money.”

Romney Tries To Defend His Idiotic Actions

Of Course, Mitt Romney is trying to cover for himself after kneeling to the Democrat socialists. He claims that “compromise” will somehow help him win friends in D.C.:

“Now I know that members of both parties have mischaracterized our efforts as somehow linked to ‘paving the way’ to the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion wish list…”

Mitt Romney continued, claiming that it was ok for him to cave to the Democrats because they were going to win with or without him:

“They are going to push for that [big socialist spending bill] anyway.”

Romney even ADMITS that there are problems with his bill. He even went so far as to say:

“It’s very easy to point out the problems with this bill.”

Romney says that he just wanted to feel included:

“It’s a lot better than what the Democrats would write by themselves.”

You can’t make this up. Mitt Romney caved to the Democrat Party because he wanted to feel included. He wanted to feel important.

And now it’s becoming so obvious that even his own allies are turning against him IN HIS OWN STATE!

Mitt Romney is a failure. The guy has no clue what he’s doing. And he’s hurting the Republican Party more and more with each passing day.

It’s time to get rid of this guy. Get him out of the Republican Party for good.

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