Romney Thinks Democrats Are Compromised By “Deep Hysteria”

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He’s finally letting the whole world know the truth.

It’s long been speculated that Senator Mitt Romney might join Democrats in their attempt to change federal law to rig elections in their favor. Democrats have been trying to pressure him into pushing their new rules that would end democracy as we know it.

But now, we finally know his answer.

In a new report, Sen. Mitt Romney has officially expressed that he is AGAINST the Democrats’ “voting rights bill” that would change rules to national elections. Mitt Romney stated that Biden and the Democrats have “ventured into deep hysteria” and that he would not support their attempt to overthrow current election rules further.

Romney Will NOT Join Democrats’ Attempts To Transform Elections In Their Favor

On Sunday, Romney said he is willing to work with Democrats on voting rights but “I never got a call on that from the White House.”

“To be clear, I want an election system that allows every eligible citizen in every state to be able to exercise their right to vote in every single election.” Romney said.

It looks like Democrats will NOT get what they want. Even Mitt Romney knows that he can’t join their efforts to rig national elections. Good.

The Problem With Romney

The fact that many Republicans were scared Romney would literally side with Democrats on this important issue is proof that he shouldn’t be in active leadership.

It’s time for Mitt Romney to LEAVE the United States Senate. He’s betrayed us far too often to let him get away with turning against us any longer.