Mitt Romney Claims Election Audit Is Not Needed


Mitt Romney has just released a horrifying statement. This is VERY dangerous and must stop immediately.

According to an explosive new report from Yahoo, Mitt Romney has just made the SICKENING claim that an election audit is not required. Instead, he says he just wants to start “telling them [Trump supporters]” what happened.

Mitt Romney Claims Transparency Audit Is Not Needed

During a meeting of congress, Mitt Romney claimed there is no need for an election audit for Trump supporters because he says the government can just start “telling them” what happened:

“No congressional audit is ever going to convince these voters…”

Instead, Romney claims that the government should just tell Americans what they think happened instead of an audit:

“The best way we can show voters respect is by telling them the truth!”

It gets worse though. When describing how he felt when the United States Capitol was stormed, the first thing that came to his mind was the people of China and how they thought of America after this:

“I was shaken to the core as I thought about the people I met from China…”

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Watch footage yourself below:

Romney Is Clueless

Mitt Romney and other United States Senators like him have chosen to ignore the voice of the American people. They have REFUSED to launch an official audit into the presidential election because they think they’re too smart for it.

By doing this, by ignoring the wishes of the American people, Mitt Romney and his fellow lawmakers have put our country at great risk.

It’s time for MORE transparency, not less. It’s time for MORE investigations, not less.

We will remember Mitt Romney’s actions on this day. His actions have been inexcusable.

Do YOU think Mitt Romney is bad for America? Comment below!

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19 Responses

  1. Equalizer

    January 7, 2021 12:31 pm

    Raunchy Romney the coward-excrement is applying for an appointment in the Demonrat regime, his cowardly- brown nosing is a disgrace & embarrassment. The scumbag is worse than Benedict Arnold.

  2. Celia Shaw

    January 7, 2021 6:07 pm

    Romney is clearly intelligence-impaired. How could he believe that his ideas could hold water? He is a sad case.

  3. Carolyn Johnson

    January 7, 2021 6:07 pm

    Romney is with the SWAMP creatures. I did vote for him when he was running for president. OH that was a mistake but the alternative was just as BAD.

  4. Charles King

    January 7, 2021 6:10 pm

    If there was ever a sore whining loser it is RINO Romney. An elitist t snob, he believes he is owed the Presidency because of his name and financial status. Let’s hope the good people in his state reject him next time he is up for election.

  5. David Andrews

    January 7, 2021 6:10 pm

    Mitt, the problem with the Government just telling us the truth as you advocate is, most people, especially Republicans, will not believe the Government. There have been way too many lies told by the Government. I would not even believe you! I trusted you and voted for you when you ran for President. You have lost all of my trust. Sorry, right now I trust no voice from the Government but President Donald Trump’s voice. I am sick of damn lies and damn liars! I want audits by trustworthy Accountants and/or IT people. If you have a problem with my opinion then I will be happy to sit down and discuss it with you, however, I doubt seriously that you will even attempt to sit down face to face and discuss it with me!

  6. mbr722

    January 7, 2021 6:13 pm

    Romney is worse than clueless! What an absolute twat! I am totally sick of hearing these names: Biden, Harris, Romney, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, Clinton, et al. I am ready to vomit!

  7. MARY

    January 7, 2021 6:15 pm


  8. Robert L. Kahlcke

    January 7, 2021 6:40 pm

    Mitt, your nothing but a low life NESTING COCKROACH, you and your half breed family should have been the ones in the capitol yesterday.

  9. Craig Michael Vandertie

    January 7, 2021 8:06 pm

    Mitt, you are a major disgrace of a human being, a member of the United States Communist party pretending to be a Republican the only people more shameful than you are your less than worthless constituents.

  10. Craig Michael Vandertie

    January 7, 2021 8:09 pm

    He proved how much of a traitor he is when he threw the 2012 Presidential election because he knew no 1 could strip us of the principles of which our fair and just laws Constitutional Republic are based more efficiently than the foreign enemy Kenyan tyrant “Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry the Osamanator.”

  11. S.L.

    January 7, 2021 11:24 pm

    Yes, Romney is a disgrace. He’s probably looking for a place to maybe run for President again.. Romney, if you read this, we didn’t like you before and we can’t stand you now. You are two faced calling yourself a Republican , when all along you were a Rhino. Your an embarrassment to your constituents who voted for you. Go back to Utah as no one respects you.

  12. Michael Webster

    January 8, 2021 12:48 am

    What is wrong with you Trumpaholics, can you not read are you so dense to not understand that your messiah lost the election fair and square. All those claims that Trump and his stooges Ted the phony Cruz and Josh I am kissing trumps butt Hawley have failed in a court of law, even the supreme court that you hypocrite Republicans packed to help Trump steal the election ruled that their was no fraud, even his own attorney General who covered for him and allowed him to break the law repeatedly said he could not find enough evidence of voter fraud to over turn the election, and you know he desperately wanted to find it!!! But I understand why you Trumpaholics can’t except the truth because you are like your messiah and you do not know what the word truth means, you sold your soul to Trump the (liar-in-chief), when Trump opens his mouth lies come out Trump is speaking his native tongue. He is morally bankrupt and so are you who support him he is a (fraud and a conman)!!

  13. Gary

    January 8, 2021 1:07 am

    Romney is already beginning to act like a Communist. He says, “No need for an election audit, just tell Trump supporters what happened!” Sounds like Hitler all over again.
    What goes around will come around!


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