Mayor Cries “Wolf”: Illegal Immigration is Destroying my City

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat and a self-declared advocate of sanctuary policies, made headlines this week with an unexpected change in tone regarding illegal immigration. During a town hall event, he painted a grim picture of the consequences of increased migration to the city, which has already received approximately 100,000 illegal immigrants since last year.

Adams didn’t mince words, stating that the influx of migrants “will destroy New York City”. We’re getting 10,000 migrants a month.” This admission was a stark departure from his previous stance on immigration.

He expressed concern that the scope of the migrant influx is widening, with an ever-increasing number of people arriving from countries like Ecuador, West Africa, and Russia. According to Adams, the message has spread worldwide that coming through the southern border and into New York City is a viable option.

The mayor emphasized that the crisis is not isolated to one part of the city but will impact every community. He pointed to a looming $12 billion deficit that will necessitate cuts to various city services.

The situation has led to a surge in protests throughout the city. New York has struggled to find suitable accommodations for the migrants, utilizing facilities like a former airfield and various hotels.

Prior to these comments, both Mayor Adams and other city officials had acknowledged that New York was nearing a breaking point in dealing with the migrant influx. Governor Kathy Hochul, also a Democrat, recently sought additional assistance from the White House, citing the disproportionate burden shouldered by state and city governments in handling this ongoing crisis. To relieve some of the pressure, the city has been sending migrants to surrounding areas.