Look Who Pledged to Help Americans Access Abortion Pill

In the midst of a continuing legal battle regarding the use of the abortion pill mifepristone in the United States, a Canadian government official has promised to assist Americans in obtaining the medication. Families Minister Karina Gould revealed in a recent interview that if the U.S. were to prohibit mifepristone, Canada’s federal government would work to provide it to Americans seeking the drug.

Gould expressed her concern about U.S. laws that criminalize women who travel across state borders to access reproductive healthcare. She emphasized the importance of being thoughtful in providing access to medication to ensure that American women and healthcare providers are not further endangered.

This is not the first time that Gould has made such a promise to Americans. Last year, in May, following the overturning of Roe v. Wade, she stated in an interview with CBC News that if Americans needed access to abortions and traveled to Canada, it would be a service that Canada would provide.

It is worth noting that, unlike in the United States pre-Roe v. Wade, the Canadian government does not legally recognize
abortion as a right.

The legal dispute over mifepristone has been ongoing in the United States, with a Texas judge arguing that the medication should be prohibited. However, on Friday, the Supreme Court halted a federal judge’s ruling that would have curbed access to the drug.

Former U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, a staunch pro-life advocate, has also weighed in on the matter. In an appearance on CBS’s “Face The Nation,” he expressed his concern about the availability of the medication throughout the U.S. and called for it to be taken off the market to protect the unborn.

Pence’s stance on abortion is clear: he supports a nationwide ban on any abortion at 15 weeks of pregnancy.