Lindsey Graham Praises Trump – Wants Him To Stay “Leader Of The Republican Party”


Senator Lindsey Graham isn’t happy with how people are treating Trump. And he’s fighting back!

According to an new report by Conservative Review, Sen. Lindsey Graham declared that if anyone tries to ERASE Trump from existence, they will be erased from history instead!

Lindsey Graham Defends President Trump

Senator Lindsey Graham told Fox News just hours after the inauguration Wednesday of President Joe Biden that the establishment Republicans need to stop trying to ERASE Donald Trump from history, saying:

“I hope people in our party understand the party itself. If you’re wanting to erase Donald Trump from the party, you’re going to get erased.”

Lindsey Graham proceeded to defend President Trump and the supporters who love him, saying:

“Most Republicans like his policies. A lot of Republicans like his style. A lot of people are disappointed with him personally at times but appreciate the outcomes he’s achieved for our country.”

Lindsey Graham continued, saying that he hopes Trump will “stay the leader of the Republican Party.”

This is wonderful. Lindsey Graham knows that President Donald Trump was a strong leader who did wonderful things for Americans. He’s not cowering to Democrats.

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6 Responses

  1. M Hammer

    January 20, 2021 11:02 pm

    LG never ceases to surprise. After his like warm support through the election and its aftermath, he finally discovers that he has a pair.
    Stand Up Proudly in support of DJT! We are all proud to do so. And we are all going forward, together, as Truth Supremacists, in the face of Joe Biden and his Marxist March for Unity, and his suppressing of free speech in support of his oppressive justice for minorities. Trump stands for Justice for All! No segregation of citizens and their rights…
    Nice to have you back, Lindsey. Things are about to get interesting…

  2. Sylvia

    January 21, 2021 7:35 am

    Yes, I still support President Trump. He was not a prefect man, but he was prefect for leading America! He did everything possible to protect and help America and its economy. He knew the swamp had to be drained, found all the dirt and yet, the dems blocked him at EVERY turn.

    May God bless and protect him.

  3. Somebody

    January 21, 2021 8:41 am

    President Trump and Ronald Reagan will always stand out as the best 2 Presidents this Country has ever had. We have gone from Class to Trash when they elected Pedo Joe and Kameltoe HO into office. I am ashamed of what this Country has become, nothing but a shithole full of crime, drugs, illegals, gangs, hatred and crooked criminal politicians, what a disgrace. I will never accept them as my leader and will try to fight against anything they try to do in anyway I can.


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