Kudlow’s Warning: Democracy Under Attack!

Kudlow reacts to the Hunter Biden indictment

In a bold move, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has initiated an impeachment inquiry into what many conservatives view as the Biden family’s deeply troubling culture of corruption. As a concerned citizen, I may not be a lawyer, but I feel compelled to offer my insights to support the House’s efforts, no matter how small they may seem in the grand scheme of things.

Oversight Chairman James Comer has been entrusted with leading this critical inquiry. We eagerly anticipate his appearance on our show to shed light on my humble list and, more importantly, his extensive list, which holds significant weight. Parenthetically, we could delve further into the pressing issues of escalating prices, dwindling family incomes, and rising poverty rates. These issues, without a doubt, are the direct result of Joe Biden’s economic policies, which he staunchly defends today. Rest assured, we will provide in-depth coverage on this matter later in the show.

Currently, AAA national gasoline prices have soared to a staggering $3.86 per gallon, with projections pointing toward the dreaded $4.00 mark. Meanwhile, oil on the world markets has surged to $93 per barrel, with $100 seemingly on the horizon. These exorbitant costs are wreaking havoc on middle-class working families and low-income individuals alike, causing a detrimental impact on wages.

It’s essential to understand that refined petroleum products permeate our entire economy, affecting hundreds of prices across various sectors. Joe Biden’s war on fossil fuels has not only stifled production but also driven up prices across the board. This misguided approach has played right into the hands of the OPEC+ coalition, which counts among its members countries like Iran, Venezuela, Russia, and the Saudis – hardly allies of American interests.

Amidst all the chaos surrounding the failure of Bidenomics, allow me to return to my modest contribution to Chairman Comer’s investigation into the Biden culture of corruption.

According to numerous reports, no less than nine family members have received foreign funds from countries such as China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Kazakhstan. Astonishingly, this includes one of Joe Biden’s own grandchildren. Shockingly, Hunter Biden himself has admitted that half of these funds flowed into Papa Joe’s coffers. Tony Bobulinski, a credible source, alleges that the “Big Guy” took a 10% cut from various deals.

Perhaps even more disturbing, we’ve learned of at least 20 documented calls made by various Hunter Biden associates and clients to Joe Biden himself in the hallowed halls of the Oval Office. The implications of this are profoundly troubling.

In addition to these revelations, senior IRS whistleblowers have provided damning testimony about the pervasive political interference by the Justice Department and the FBI in their ongoing tax investigations of Hunter Biden and his business ventures. As if that weren’t enough, Hunter Biden is currently facing three felony gun charges, each carrying a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison.

But that’s not all. These whistleblowers have also uncovered a WhatsApp message where Hunter Biden appeared to engage in an extortionate act, demanding millions of dollars from his Chinese communist investors, all while Papa Joe seemingly sat by his side. This level of “up close and personal” extortion is nothing short of astonishing.

Furthermore, a senior FBI informant has alleged that the CEO of Ukrainian oil company Burisma was extorted by Joe Biden to the tune of $5 million for the former vice president and an additional $5 million for his son. This money exchange was part of a bribery scheme to remove Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin from his position. Shockingly, there exists an audio tape that purportedly validates these claims. However, it appears that the FBI and other shadowy actors may be obstructing, destroying, or disposing of this crucial evidence.

To add insult to injury, Shokin ultimately lost his job due to a last-minute intervention by Joe Biden, despite endorsements from both the U.S. State Department and their European counterparts regarding Ukraine’s anti-corruption reforms under Shokin’s leadership. Devon Archer, another key figure, testified that the Biden family’s “brand” was built on influence peddling.

In my layman’s perspective, it becomes abundantly clear that influence peddling is a pervasive theme in this sordid saga, running in tandem with allegations of bribery and an overarching culture of corruption. Perhaps most egregiously, Joe Biden consistently lied to the American public for years, denying any knowledge of his son’s dubious business dealings.

In conclusion, this is my humble contribution to the unfolding narrative known as the “Biden impeachment inquiry.” While some of these charges may remain allegations, many have been substantiated by concrete evidence. The failure of Bidenomics, as demonstrated by the economic hardships faced by everyday Americans, is not mere speculation but a fact grounded in undeniable evidence. However, the charges of bribery, extortion, influence peddling, politicization of our justice system, and corruption within the Justice Department and the FBI represent far graver threats to American democracy. This is the essence of my perspective.