Kim Jong Un Calls Private Meeting With Top Generals – Surgery Rumors Unlikely


Kim Jong Un is back.

After vanishing for so long that many people were worried that he died, the Daily Mail now reports that Kim Jong Un has returned to his job. He’s even called a meeting of his top generals to plan for an “invasion” from “foreign” forces.

Kim Jong-Un made his first public appearance in three weeks by holding a meeting to discuss how North Korea can improve its defense capabilities.

North Korea’s state-ran media reported the meeting and admitted that a military defense policy was the topic of the appearance:

“Set forth at the meeting were new policies for further increasing the nuclear war deterrence of the country and putting the strategic armed forces on a high alert operation.”

A photo of the meeting was also released by the government-ran media organization, and we have placed it below:

Did Kim Jong Un Have A Heart Problem?

It was recently reported in the news by the mainstream media that Kim Jong Un received a heart surgery. Some sources, like TMZ, even claimed that the North Korean dictator had died from a mishap during surgery.

Ji Seong-Ho, a North Korean defector, had also told South Korean media that he was ’99 per cent sure’ Kim had died after the cardiovascular procedure and that an announcement regarding his passing was imminent.

But these claims appear to have been false.

South Korean government did their own investigation into the issue and found that there was no evidence of such a surgery occuring:

“The National Intelligence Service (NIS) assesses that at least he did not get any heart-related procedure or surgery.”

The South Korean sources say that Kim Jong Un was working from home while he was gone:

“He was normally performing his duties when he was out of the public eye. At least there’s no heart-related health problem.”

It really looks like the whole claim that he had surgery was either a publicity stunt or nothing but a hoax. Because there’s no evidence to suggest it ever even happened.

Good News

Although Kim Jong Un is a dictator, he’s better than most. And has actually accepted Donald Trump’s attempts to reach a deal between America and North Korea.

President Donald Trump even reportedly stated that if it had been anyone else but Kim Jong Un in power, America and North Korea would probably be at war right now.

“I’ve had a very good relationship with Kim Jong Un.”

Donald Trump has been one of the very few presidents in American history who has managed to strive for peace between our country and theirs. And Trump was the first president to step on North Korean soil.

Do YOU think Trump is right to negotiate for peace? Comment below!

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