Kim Jong Un Goes Into Hiding Amid Coronavirus Outbreak


Kim Jong Un has completely disappeared from public view. Although the government of North Korea has repeatedly claimed that there has not been a single case of Coronavirus on its soil, the nation’s leader Kim Jong Un is still nowhere to be seen. Most experts suggest that Kim Jong Un might be self-quarantining himself due to virus outbreak.

According to a special report by Fox News,  Kim Jong Un has isolated himself so much recently that he didn’t even go to his nation’s most important holiday on April 15, which is the birthday of the country’s first dictator. The holiday is known as the “Day of the Sun,” which is a day that normally includes an immense military parade and synchronized public performances, sometimes involving tens of thousands.

However, the Korean Central News Agency didn’t report Kim Jong Un attending.

This is highly unusual. Kim hasn’t skipped visiting the mausoleum during the holiday since inheriting power in 2011. State media typically reports on visits to the site the same day or following morning.

As a result, many people think there might be an even more terrifying underlying reason for Kim’s absence.

Pandemic In North Korea

Although North Korea’s government likes to claim that it has the virus under control, nothing could be further from the truth.

In late March, the Japanese daily Yomiuri Shimbun reported that more than 100 North Korean soldiers who were stationed at the border with China died from the virus. And not only are people dying from the virus, but the North Korean government is not even conducting tests for virus because it has no kits!

“The regime says that there are no confirmed cases there because they have no test kits,” a source said.

On March 13, U.S. Forces Korea Commander Gen. Robert Abrams said he is sure that the North has not escaped the outbreak:

“What I do know is that their armed forces has been fundamentally on lockdown for about 30 days, and only recently have they started routine training again. As one example, they didn’t fly an airplane for 24 days.”

A Long Absence

The North Korean dictator was last seen attending a concert in Pyongyang on September 3 beside his demure wife Ri Sol-ju. He has been a near-constant in the state media. But since September 3 there have been no photo-ops.

So far, the only photos released of Kim were released in April showing the dictator supervising a motor drill and at a meeting of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea in Pyongyang. However, it remains unclear when the photos were taken. They could have been taken at any time.

Either way, Kim Jong Un’s social distancing has made a lot of people take notice.

“This could be part of North Korea’s ongoing propaganda effort to distance Kim Jong Un from the legacies of his grandfather and his father, a trend detected since the latter half of last year, the North’s handling of the party founding anniversary in October 2019 being one example,” Minyoung Lee, an expert in North Korean media and leadership, told NK News.

But let’s be honest. It’s probably best for the world that Kim Jong Un is kept hidden under a rock somewhere. He’s a dictator. And the more isolated he keeps himself from interfering in the world, the better.

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