Kayleigh McEnany Shuts Down Acosta During Press Conference – “Get Back To Me…”


For years, CNN’s Jim Acosta has tried his best to disrupt White House press conferences in an attempt to embarrass Trump and his administration. But this time, he went too far.

According to a report by Deadline, Acosta tried to RAILROAD White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany into saying that Donald Trump will be “responsible” if people catch Coronavirus at his political rallies. So McEnany immediately fired back, pointing out that nobody is “forcing” people to go to Donald Trump’s rallies. She then pointed out the hypocrisy of the liberal media. After all, they didn’t complain when thousands of violent rioters looted after the death of George Floyd. But Jim Acosta kept trying to push the issue, so McEnany just shut him down completely and moved on with the press conference without him.

Acosta Tries To Cause Trouble

During the press conference, CNN’s Jim Acosta tried to claim that Donald Trump’s political rallies were unsafe, saying:

“They are not going to be able to practice social distancing at a rally with thousands of people.”

McEnany immediately fired back, saying that:

“It is the personal choice of individuals as to what to do, but it we want to talk about internal coherence, I believe that the media needs to work on internal coherence.”

McEnany then held up a copy of the New York Post, with the cover headline “Sick Hypocrisy,” showing massive crowds at recent Black Lives Matter protests and Trump rallies. She noted that it showed that the media deemed protesting “OK” and Trump rallies “not OK” when it came to concerns over the Coronavirus.

McEnany Shuts Down Acosta

But although McEnany answered Acosta’s answer, he wouldn’t stop pestering her.

Even tough McEnany already answered him before, he once again pressed her on whether the president would take responsibility for the health of the rally goers.

McEnany shut him down completely by saying:

“I have taken five of your questions. Work on your internal cohesion and get back to me.”

You can watch a video of the interaction below. Unfortunately, the audio is poor quality due to poor recording. But you can still watch it:

More Democrat Hypocrisy

McEnany is absolutely right. Democrats have a complete double standard.

When millions of Black Lives Matter protestors took to the streets a few days ago, the media didn’t bat an eye. But now that Trump is holding his political rally, they are trying to paint him as some kind of monster.

What the liberal media is doing is NOT journalism. It’s nothing but pure slander at this point. It’s entirely political. They launch nothing but hateful attacks to hurt him in the presidential election.

Jim Acosta Should Be Ashamed

This isn’t the first time Jim Acosta has purposely tried to embarrass Donald Trump and his administration. Just a few weeks ago, McEnany completely humiliated him publicly after he tried to disrupt one of her first press conferences as Press Secretary at the White House.

Acosta just uses his job at CNN as an excuse to publicly accuse and berate Donald Trump’s administration.  And quite frankly, he’s nothing but a trouble maker.


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