Kamala Harris Allows Employee To BREAK Non-Disclosure Agreement After Public Backlash


Possible Joe Biden VP pick Sen. Kamala Harris is finally giving in to pressure.

According to the Daily Mail, Kamala Harris has just signed an order allowing one of her top aides in California break her Non-Disclosure agreement that she signed with Harris back in 2011. Kamala Harris was receiving a lot of backlash for silencing her employees. The decision to let her former employee break the agreement comes just days before Joe Biden is scheduled to pick his VP officially.

Kamala Harris Caves To Pressure

It all started when a “mysterious” non-disclosure agreement was dicscovered. Apparently. Kamala Harris forced one of her top aides in California to sign a non-disclosure agreement in 2011 before the aide resigned abruptly.

After questions were raised about why Kamala Harris would try to silence one of her employees, she suddenly made the decision to allow her aide to break the agreement.

That’s because Kamala Harris has previously attacked people who make employees sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). The fact that she had someone sign one has made people wonder whether or not she will be picked as Joe Biden’s running mate.

Joe Biden’s VP Choice Coming Soon

Just a few days ago, Joe Biden confirmed that he would be picking his VP sometime this week. Although he hasn’t given any specifics yet, a lot of people think it’s going to be Kamala Harris.

Just a few days ago, a picture of Joe Biden was leaked during a press conference of him holding notes telling himself not to “hold grudges” against Harris. The pictures seem to point to Harris being the potential running mate pick.

Do YOU think Kamala Harris would be bad for America? Comment below!

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15 Responses

  1. Dan Gibson

    August 1, 2020 5:31 pm

    In a weird, twisted sort of way … I want Kammie as the running mate. We will have a field day with this despicable character over the next 3 months. She will be exposed as the overbearing despot that she truly is. OHHH PLEASE give us this pleasure !

    As we hang her out to dry, the world will cringe at the thought that this individual could become the President. Let’s see, who could be possibly be worse — I know, it has to be MAD MAXINE !!


    • william couch

      August 1, 2020 9:09 pm

      R O T F F L M A O !!!! I remember when she was the district attorney in ” FRISCO ” saying “Who do I have to blow to get ahead in politics”!! She started with Willie Brown,,, Mayor….. Now she’s a senator and maybe the VP pick………………………………………………………….. I would surmise that she found her calling!!! AS the mexican’s say “Churiso”………………………………. Negro or Blanco…..

  2. phxgeo

    August 1, 2020 5:59 pm

    Well I guess she is the democrat Bill Clinton equivalent. Bill screwed the women in Arkansas on his way to get in the White House. Now Harris is trying to match him in a sexual sense as she screwed her way to the Senate hoping it could get her closer to history. Former Gov Brown has confirmed that she screwed her way to California AG. I wonder which foreign leader would be her favorite to partner with. Even her Father has said she is a fraud. I she has all the qualifications to join Biden since they have similar value systems.

  3. patrioted

    August 1, 2020 7:42 pm

    Harris is the type of D.A. who tried an innocent man 5 times trying to send him to prison. How well would she represent Americans when she has other ideas about what Justice is.

  4. Equalizer

    August 1, 2020 9:42 pm

    Harlet Harris the Demonrat, inhuman skank. The hypocrite sleaze is a typical lying, dishonest demonrat hag, she wouldn’t make a pimple on the ass of a real vp. Typical Calif, Fruit & Nut Trash.

  5. P Lightfoot

    August 2, 2020 7:59 am

    Camel toes and Bribe em what a perfect match for the demonrat party can you imagine what the world would look like after just a couple months with the squad takeing over the Congress and any of Bribe em s picks takeing over as POTUS much less
    Bribe em himself
    Vote red everywhere to save America TRUMP 2020—-2024 SEMPER FI.

  6. P Lightfoot

    August 2, 2020 8:18 am

    Bring on the debates there is no reason not to we don’t have to have an audience for debates live on wide world news prime time get your popcorn or as Joe Bribe em says corn pop and don’t forget to turn the victrola on so the kids can see it later or the thing you know the thing oh no or the record player on and I will bring out my running mate for vice senator Kampala Clinton Just jokeing P L
    TRUMP 2020———2024

  7. Teyrez

    August 2, 2020 11:08 am

    I remember how mean and nasty she was to Brett K at his hearing . Tried her best to make him a rapist, which he clearly is not, she was a cruel,and awful person and still is. Her as vp, aw don’t make me laugh any more.

    • Eric

      August 2, 2020 11:27 am

      I remember her snickering along with her bf “Spartacus Booker” at that time too at some point during that kangaroo court hearing! Racist card baiting beotch and Racist card baiting sob!


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