Justice Clarence Thomas Breaks With Supreme Court – Says Threatening Officers Should Be A Crime


Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas just made the decisions to STAND UP for police officers amid the violent George Floyd riots across the country.

According to Fox News, Justice Thomas made the decision to stand up for the victim of police harassment after the Supreme Court chose not to hear the case of a police officer whose son was harassed in public by a random stranger.

Thomas Breaks With Supreme Court

The Supreme Court recently decided NOT to hear an appeal of a case where a man told a police officer’s son that police “might find themselves dead in a ditch somewhere.” The Supreme Court decided not to hear the case after the lower court ruled that such a hostile death threat was supposedly “protected” under the First Amendment because the lower court claimed that the threats weren’t “real” enough.

And Justice Thomas was reportedly furious at the decision:

“In my view, the Constitution likely permits States to criminalize threats even in the absence of any intent to intimidate.”

Thomas continued, saying that the Supreme Court should intervene and stop people from making threats in public:

“If state high courts hold even a fraction of these statutes unconstitutional, we will have no choice but to intervene.”

Clarence Thomas Is Right

The very idea that people are allowed to threaten to kill law enforcement and get away with it is absolute insanity. Clarence Thomas is absolutely right. There should be a change.

If a person were white and threatened a non-white, just verbally, they would be arrested for a “hate crime”. But if a person threatens the life of a law enforcement officer, just verbally, apparently that is free speech.

That is absolutely broken no matter how you look at it.

Do YOU think people who threaten police officers should go to jail? Comment below!

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