JUST IN: Mitt Romney Makes SURPRISE Announcement – It’s Official

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Mitt Romney has lost his freaking mind.

In a disturbing announcement to the world, Mitt Romney revealed that the real reason he is NOT supporting the Democrats’ multi-TRILLION dollar socialist infrastructure bill is because it doesn’t force people to get married.

Mitt Romney thinks that those same benefits should go to marry people, to encourage people to get married for financial reasons! He literally wants to pressure people to start thinking of marriage as a financial transaction.

In his own words:

“Discouraging marriage is not in our country’s best interest and sends the wrong message to our families. We believe that marriage is a vital social good. It is misguided and unfair for the government to build bigger barriers for couples to marry.”

This announcement comes just months after Mitt Romney idiotically proposed “baby mills” by offering families more money each month for each baby they have. It’s all madness!

He literally wants to give socialist checks to families who have more babies, and he wants to use the government as a tool to force people into marriages for financial reasons.

You can read his full announcement here:



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