JUST IN: Militia Group DEPLOYED On American Soil – They’re Rising Up!

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Militia groups across America are rising up to take their country back!

A bombshell report has just been released confirming that Sam Hall, the leader of a conservative militia group called “Patriots for America,” has decided to take matters into their own hands as Joe Biden continues to ignore the rampant border crisis at America’s southern border. Troops are on the move!

Hall says he’s doing what the state REFUSES to do, saying:

“What we’ve seen is residents that are scared to death right now, and they don’t feel like they have support from the state.”

Good. When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for the American people to stand firm and protect rule of law, then they have that right.

You can read the full report yourself here:

Militia Group Deploys to Texas County to Fight Biden’s Border Crisis

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