Judge Jeanine Says Americans Should Not Move On From Election


Once again, Judge Jeanine Pirro is standing up for President Donald Trump on Fox News network.

According to a new report by Mediate, Pirro told Americans: “Don’t you dare ask us to accept it and just move on!” Pirro’s statement comes as Democrats, the mainstream media, and social media companies are trying to pressure President Donald Trump into conceding the election before the official results are known.

Pirro Responds

The judge says that it’s wrong for people to try to end this election too quickly, saying that rules were changed “under the cover of Covid” and that people are simply “asking questions,” saying:

“We are criticized because we are asking questions. Under the cover of Covid, rules were changed, providing opportunities for wrongdoers. Covid cannot be used to run herd on our constitution. Covid is not a prophylactic that prevents us from exercising our constitutional fundamental right to vote.”

Pirro also blasted liberals for claiming to be unifiers after “they created four years of chaos, accusing Trump of sowing doubt in our democracy.”

But one thing is obvious at this point. Judge Jeanine doesn’t yet know how the election will turn out after the recounts by President Donald Trump are finished:

“The question is, will any of these allegations affect a sufficient number of votes to change the result of the election? Maybe yes, and maybe no.”

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6 Responses

  1. Sylvia

    November 17, 2020 8:13 am

    I absolutely support our President!!

    Four years of harassment from the dems, not a peep about Gore not willing to concede and all this baloney about Biden wanting unity while supporting BLM and antifa!! Hillary told Biden not to concede, yet they have the audacity to want Trump to concede.

  2. Zeynep Karakurt-Ozman

    November 18, 2020 3:24 am

    Whoever suggests Trump should concede with this theft of American People’s Choice is criminal… WE WON THE ELECTIONS WITH LAND SLIDE VICTORY…..73 Million American people (good American people) voted for Trump to start his Second Term….. This is a record number of votes for the second term of a President in the American History….. Who the hell are those bastard to give advise to POTUS….. They belong to the Jail…….. Good for Judge Janine…. she speaks up her mind…


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