‘Joker’ Viewers WALK OUT Over Fears Of Mass Killers


The Joker isn’t just terrifying to his archenemy the Batman anymore. People across the United States are choosing to walk out of the Joker movie because they think that his character might encourage mass killings and cause too much “triggering”.

The R-rated supervillian movie smashed October box office records after taking home nearly $39.9 million in domestic ticket sales. And it made over $92 million total. People loved it.

But as reported by the Daily Mail, “not everyone is embracing the dark, ultra-violent film, which sees Joaquin Phoenix portray Arthur Fleck, the embattled clown who later transforms into Batman’s most iconic nemesis.”

That’s because some people think the character might encourage viewers to murder people.

Someone even wrote on Twitter:

‘Literally just walked out of a screening of Joker. Way too terrifying to be there with all this going on the way the movie glamorizes gun violence and mental health issues.’

Another witness also chimed in, saying that it’s much too scary of a movie for viewers:

‘S**t was scary – like a 4-D movie experience.’

Times are changing. Even movies about comic book villains are considered off limits to some people. Because some things are just too controversial to shown to the public.

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