Joe Biden’s Sexual Assault Victim Steps Forward


Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden has been slammed with questions about his mental health and his ability to keep up with the grueling campaign schedule. Now, he’s being accused of sexual assault.

According to the Daily Wire, Tara Reade, a former staffer for Biden, has just revealed in an interview with podcaster Katie Harper this week that Biden sexually assaulted her back in 1993.

Biden Caught

This isn’t the first time Biden is in trouble for violating women. If you recall, back in 2019 numerous women made several allegations against him.

The claim that got the most attention was from Lucy Flores, a former nominee for lieutenant governor of Nevada, who claimed Joe Biden gave her an unwanted kiss and smelled her hair in 2014.

After the allegations came out, Joe Biden issued a statement denying any ill intentions:


More details coming out

The controversy surrounding Biden’s questionable conduct died down mostly due to the fact that the presidential race at the time was bursting with candidates. However, Biden is now back into the spotlight thanks to an audio clip of Reade explaining what happened in 1993 in the interview with Harper.

According to Reade, she was tasked with running a gym bag to Biden. When she arrived, she stated that Biden pushed her up against a wall and touched her inappropriately, including under her clothes.

She said Biden then kissed her and asked her to go “somewhere else.” When the incident was over, Reade said he complained to her, “C’mon man, I heard you liked me.”

“For me, it was like everything shattered in that moment because I knew that we were alone. It was over, right? He wasn’t trying to do anything more – but I looked up to him, he was like my father’s age, he was like this champion of women’s rights in my eyes and I couldn’t believe it was happening,” Reade disclosed.

She went on, “He just like pointed at me and he said, ‘You’re nothing to me!’ And then he just looked at me and said, ‘You’re nothing. Nothing.’ … I must’ve reacted because that’s when he took me by the shoulders and he said, ‘You’re okay. You’re fine. You’re okay.’”

Reade never filed an official report of the incident, but she stated that she did discuss the incident with her brother and a close friend soon afterward. Joe Biden has not yet responded to the bombshell claim.

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