Joe Biden Says He WILL Debate Donald Trump (REPORT)


Amid House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s calls for Joe Biden to SKIP the presidential debates against Donald Trump, Biden has chosen to issue an official response.

According to the Associated Press, Biden has just stepped forward saying that he will NOT skip the debates. And not only that, but Biden even bizarrely claimed that he would be the “fact checker on the floor.”

Biden Claims He Will Debate Trump

According to AP, Biden claimed on Thursday that there is no question that the debates will take place. Biden went on CNN, suggesting that Donald Trump is a bully:

“Here’s the deal with bullies, I understand how they work. And I’m going to play by the rules of the debate commission and we’re going to have a debate.”

Then in a separate interview on MSNBC, Biden said that he’s going to be the “fact checker on the floor” during the debates.

Meanwhile, Pelosi Claims Debates Will “Waste Everyone’s Time”

Although Biden claims he wants to debate, Democrat leaders are trying awfully hard to discourage it from happening.

On Thursday evening, Nancy Pelosi suggested to MSNBC that the debates would “waste everyone’s time,” according to Daily Mail:

“Why I said he shouldn’t debate him has nothing to do with Joe Biden. Joe Biden will be – he is great as a debater. What it is is about how totally inappropriate, that’s the nicest word I can think of, the president is. He has not even the slight flirtation with truth, fact, evidence, data.”

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