Joe Biden Calls Emergency Meeting With Barack Obama To Save African American Vote


Joe Biden is getting desperate.

According to a report by CNBC, Biden just called an emergency public meeting with Barack Obama to bash Donald Trump on television. Biden’s campaign organized the meeting as a publicity stunt after it was discovered that young African Americans don’t support Biden.

Biden Weaponizes Obama

In what appears to have been a last-minute emergency “meeting,” Joe Biden and Barack Obama met together at the former president’s Washington office.

Obama and Biden released a video together attacking Donald Trump for not taking enough “responsibility” for Coronavirus.

During the interview, Obama made outlandish claims suggesting that Donald Trump doesn’t know how to “relate” to people:

“One of the things that I have always known about you, Joe, it’s the reason why I wanted you to be my vice president and the reason why you were so effective. It all starts with being able to relate.”

Biden’s video publicity stunt was organized just days after it was revealed by USA Today that young African American voters don’t like Joe Biden.

Biden Is Struggling

It’s no secret that Joe Biden has been struggling in recent days to garner support ahead of the 2020 election. New polls have been released showing Biden is unpopular among young people more than most Democratic candidates.

Biden has struggled to keep his online accounts secure. Both he and Obama were hacked on Twitter by unknown thieves who stole money from their supporters.

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