Joe Biden And Barack Obama Hacked On Twitter – FBI Investigating


It’s one of the biggest online hacks in recent history.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, powerful political figures and famous celebrities like Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Mike Bloomberg, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and others had their Twitter accounts hacked by criminals. The FBI has announced that it is investigating the situation amid worries that hackers could have been able to start a war or disrupt the stock market.

The Biggest Twitter Hack In Years

The report states that the FBI is currently performing a federal inquiry into the security breach at Twitter. The company is reportedly scrambling to explain how such a catastrophic hack was allowed to happen.

Notable people like Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Joe Biden, and others had their accounts taken over by computer hackers who attempted to steal money from the public.

All of the accounts were hacked to say the same thing. The hacker used the accounts to demand money from the public in Bitcoin currency. The hacker promised that anyone who paid the account $1,000 would receive $2,000 in return.

It’s not known how many victims actually sent the hackers money. However, it was likely a large amount of people.

Trump Not Hacked

What is notable however is that President Donald Trump was one of the leaders who was NOT hacked.

Of the politicians affected by the breach, all appeared to be Democrats.

President Donald Trump’s account, a high-profile target, was not affected.

It is possible that Twitter has additional restrictions on the accounts of world leaders that make it impossible for most of its own employees to access them.

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