Jim Carrey Viciously Attacks Melania Trump Calling Her “Worst First Lady” – Makes Nasty Picture Of Her


This isn’t about politics anymore. This is about hate.

According to a tragic report by Breitbart, Former First Lady Melania Trump has just been targeted in a brutal public attack by the infamous Hollywood liberal Jim Carrey. Carrey launched a sickening attack against Melania, calling her the “worst First Lady” ever.

Melania Trump Publicly Humiliated By Jim Carrey

In a disgusting attack against the gracious First Lady Melania Trump, the very liberal Hollywood “comedian” Jim Carrey called Melania Trump the “worst first lady” and even released a disgusting photograph of her.

Jim Carrey painted a horrific painting of Melania Trump, purposely trying to make her look ugly. And he wrote a very disturbing message attacking her, saying:

“Oh… and goodbye worst first lady. I hope the settlement can finance your life in the shallow end. Thx for nothing.”

Jim Carrey’s DISGUSTING picture can be seen below. It’s absolutely vile.

The rich Hollywood elites will stop at nothing in their attacks against the Trump family. This is absolutely insane. It’s disgusting. And it’s wrong.

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16 Responses

  1. Cheryl

    January 23, 2021 5:24 pm

    Every Patriot in the country supports Melania Trump. She is a beautiful, gracious and loving First Lady. As far as I am concerned, she is STILL our First Lady. The majority of the American people know that the election was fraudulent and President Trump won. Jim Carrey is a total ass.

  2. Norma Milton

    January 23, 2021 5:30 pm

    The demo-rats have proved to be nothing but a party of hate and lies. Melania has been a super first lady showing intelligent and dignity which is something that the Jim Carrey’s of the world would never understand. I will never watch or buy anything that makes money for Jim Carrey. You are 4th on the blacklist, Jimmy boy, right after Biden, Harris and Nasty Nancy.

  3. Patricia

    January 23, 2021 5:30 pm

    Melania is GREAT! She is a very intelligent and cultured lady. I highly respect President Trump whom I know is very fortunate to have the Melania by his side,

    I wish them the very best!

  4. Rosie46

    January 23, 2021 5:34 pm

    Melania Trump is a beautiful, gracious lady. No matter what one’s opinion is of President Trump, why would this has-been “comedian” have to attack Melania. She was kind to everyone, so Carey should crawl back to Hollywood with the rest of the liberals. She has more class in her little finger than he has in his whole body.

  5. Katydid

    January 23, 2021 6:25 pm

    Trying to make a comeback, Jim Carey? Melania is so much better than any other first lady we have ever had., She is kind and compassionate, which is more than I can say for you and your ilk.

  6. Wm H

    January 23, 2021 6:36 pm

    carey is an angry libprog, a washed up has-been who has no respect for
    the country that gives him freedom
    to make his pathetic dumb ass films
    that nobody likes. go live in Cuba
    or Venezuela utopia.

  7. Robert L. Kahlcke

    January 23, 2021 6:38 pm

    Hey jimmy, did you know you were WHELPED from a SWINE (pig) that was IMPREGNATED by a CANINE (dog). If you don’t believe me ask your Mother, PORKY PIG.
    If you look in the bright side you can speak by Barking, Squealing or English Language.

  8. Eileen

    January 23, 2021 6:55 pm

    Jim Carey belongs in a mental institution, along with most of Hollywood. Seriously. They need to build some facilities out there in Make Believe Land.

  9. mary

    January 24, 2021 2:02 am

    He more than a nut job he belongs in a mental hospital. No one watches his movies anymore, don’t know why they watched themin the first place. He is just as much of a nut case in the movies as he is in real life… certifiably insane.


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