Jim Acosta Suggests Trump Will Go Back To Being A “Crockpot” After Election


Once again, disgraced CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta is proving that he doesn’t deserve his job.

In a disgraceful attack reported by Fox News, Acosta went on a sickening attack saying that Donald Trump will be just another “crackpot” after the month of January.

Acosta Launches Sick Attack

In a talk with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Acosta suggested that Americans only listen to Donald Trump’s opinions because he’s the president. But Acosta then suggested that once January is over, Trump will go back to being “another crackpot on the internet,” saying:

“We have to pay attention to those tweets now … because he’s the president, but after January 20th he just goes back to being another crackpot on the internet.”

But Here’s What Acosta Won’t Admit

Although Jim Acosta may claim without proof that Trump will be out of office by January, it’s not actually official. In fact, there’s still a chance that President Donald Trump can win this politcal battle just like he’s won others.

Trump’s team has brought legal challenges in several battleground states, making the case hat some portion of ballots were invalid. Until those cases are settled, anything is possible.

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  1. dondh

    November 20, 2020 12:21 pm

    He’s also an enemy of Freedom and our Constitution like many others of the broadcast and news media! He, they should be more than fired, he, they should be deported to Venezuela or some Communist country!


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