Jim Acosta Interrupts Dr. Birx During Press Conference To Attack Trump


Jim Acosta is out of control.

Fox News reports that the CNN White House Correspondent interrupted Dr. Deborah Birx during yesterday’s press conference so that he could go on an unhinged rant against President Donald Trump.

Obsessed Acosta

During a press conference yesterday, Dr. Birx was explaining why it took so long for a travel ban to be implemented over the Coronavirus. Mostly it was because no one knew COVID-19 could be transmitted between humans:

“I will remind you that on February 3rd, the head of the WHO said there was no reason to ever do a travel ban. It wasn’t until January 14th that we knew that there was human-to-human transmission.”

But Jim Acosta couldn’t wait to interrupt the doctor. All he wanted to do was change the subject so that he could blast Donald Trump.

So Acosta interrupted the doctor, saying:

“Dr. Birx, the president was saying this was going to go away. It’s April.”

To this, President Trump quickly shut down Acosta, saying:

“It is going to go away. I said it was going away and it is going away.”

You can watch a video yourself uplaoded of the interaction by the Daily Caller:

Acosta Under Fire

This isn’t the first time Jim Acosta has tried to disrupt a press conference to attack Donald Trump. He also did it 3 days ago.

As a result, a lot of people are starting to get tired of Acosta’s disrespectful behavior. And they’re calling him out for it.

On Twitter, George Washington University Law professor Jonathan Turley bashed Acosta for his actions, stating:

“Jim Acosta’s interruption of Dr. Birx is an example of how CNN’s echo-journalism model is destroying the media’s credibility. Every question from Acosta is an effort to score points rather than elicit information. It is a press pandemic that continues to rage without relief.”

GOP National Spokesperson Elizabeth Harrington also responded to Acosta’s interruption on Twitter as well, saying:

“.@Acosta just tried to mansplain to Dr. Birx.”
Needless to say, Acosta has all but destroyed his reputation with normal everyday Americans. He is so busy trying to go after President Donald Trump that he is completely destroying his career in the process.
Disrespectful people shouldn’t be allowed to go to White House press conferences. If he doesn’t have enough self-restraint to obey rules, then he deserves to be kicked out.
Do YOU think Jim Acosta should be banned from press conferences? Comment below!

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