Jeffrey Epstein’s Top Associate Is Mysteriously Off The Hook

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This should worry and scare anyone who cares about justice in America…

According to a new report just released by The Telegraph, it now appears as if billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s other “associates” besides Ghislaine Maxwell have completely vanished. One of these so-called associates goes by the name Sarah Kellen. We know she’s somewhere in New York, but law enforcement has mysteriously refused to close in.

Jeffrey Epstein’s Other “Associate”

We’ve all heard about Ghislaine Maxwell. She’s been tried and is headed to prison.

But where are all of Jeffrey Epstein’s other operatives?

One woman mentioned time and time again during the long four-week trial of Ghislaine Maxwell was a figure named “Sarah Kellen”. And yet, she’s still walking free!

According to multiple reports, Kellen worked as Epstein’s other helper to recruit young girls and even scheduled his flights to target victims.

Victims in the trial even name Kellen as one of the helpers in Epstein’s scheme targeting children. A judge agreed.

Despite this, she’s still going free. And it’s not exactly understood why.

Where Is She?

Sarah Kellen hasn’t completely vanished. Several sources have reportedly spotted her somewhere in Manhatten. There are even photos!

According to Daily Mail,” she and her husband live in a £4.3million penthouse in the trendy SoHo neighbourhood, and also own a £5.1million condominium in Miami.”

So law enforcement knows where she is, but it looks like local officials are refusing to track her down.

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